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Best Low Interest Credit Cards – What Cards Offer the lowest Interest Rates & How Do I Sign Up?

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Credit cards are very rewarding. The best ones offer bonuses and cash backs if they pay their balances as required. That is why clients should always consider a card with the lowest rate. Low-interest credit cards offer reasonable bonuses and lengthy service period.

Credit cards are very rewarding. The best ones offer bonuses and cash backs if they pay their balances as required. That is why clients should always consider a card with the lowest rate. Low-interest credit cards offer reasonable bonuses and lengthy service period. The advantages provided by the cards enable customers to manage their monthly balances and clear debts. Some of the best cards also offer modest rewards to responsible borrowers who have developed a good credit history.

Image result for low interest credit cards illustrationsWhich Cards Offer The Lowest Interest Rates?

You must start a search for low interest cards so that you can save as much money as possible. You must look for cards that offer low interest rates, learn what to look out for when using these cards, and ask yourself, “can these cards improve my credit scores?” All these things work together to give you a better credit card, and you will begin to save money on purchases that you would have made either way. There are many companies that offer these cards, and you must choose the card that best fits your purchasing patterns.

Citi SimplicityImage result for Citi Simplicity

Citi Simplicity has the lowest rate in the credit industry. It is characterized by a low introductory APR, 0% for balance transfers and purchases. Its low rates allow the user to transfer high-interest balances from most credit cards. The card does not have charges for late payments or an annual fee. This means that customers can have extra time to settle their debts. Citi simplicity is operational for a longer period as opposed to other credit cards. The card comes with multiple cash saving features such as travel protection benefits, concierge service, car rental insurance, and ticket presales. Such services are rarely offered by most low-interest credit cards.

Image result for Chase FreedomChase Freedom

Chase Freedom offers a 0% introductory APR for balance and purchase transfers. It has one of the best bonuses. If you spend $500 during the first three months of a new application, you are given a bonus of up to $150. You can get an additional bonus of $25 if you introduce a new customer, and the client makes a purchase during the specified period. The card has cash back privileges of 5 %which are earned if you make combined purchases of more than $1500 in each quarter. The cash back bonuses do not expire. Chase Freedom has a low APR of 15.99% to 24.74% APR. The card does not have annual or late payment charges.

Citi Double Cash CardImage result for Citi Double Cash Card

Citi Double Cash Card offers 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfer in the first 18 months. It is characterized by an APR variable ranging between 14.49% and 24.49%. The low-interest card is preferred because of its high reward rates. Citi Double Cash Card does not attract an annual fee. Cash back bonuses are earned each time one makes a purchase with 1 % cash back during the purchase and another 1 % bonus after the payment.

Discover It

Discover it is among the credit cards that provide low interests. Although the card does not have a low APR as compared to the rest of low rate cards, it boasts one of the best cash back reward program. Every purchase is guaranteed of 1% cash back. Discover it does not have restrictions or spending caps. Purchases made in quarterly spending programs are guaranteed a 5% cash back. Such categories include the gas station and store purchases. The program is only restricted if the cash back exceeds a quarterly limit of $1,500 in all active categories. The normal quarters start on the 1st of January, April, July, and October.

How to Sign Up

There are several options for signing up for a new credit card. Apply for a student credit card. This enables you to develop your credit history that shows responsible use. The second step involves the application of a secured card. Once the card is approved, the holder is required to make a deposit that is equal to the credit category. One can also use the secured credit to build a good credit history. This type of history is reported to the credit bureau contrary to most types of prepaid cards. Responsible use of the card develops a positive credit history which increases the user`s credit score and creditworthiness. Users should also avoid delinquencies, late payments, and other derogatory activities. This is because such behavior has a negative impact on your credit history. One can also be a credit card holder by becoming an authorized manager of another person`s account. Such people may include parents, spouses or friends.

Can These Cards Improve My Credit Scores?

The only way to know is to check into how each card works. All cards will help with your credit, but you might pick a card that was made for credit repair. Cards that were made just for credit repair will help you save a lot of money, and you will discover that they offer secured credit that looks better on your report. If you call the company to apply, and you could ask about improving your credit with their cards. The company will let you know what they can offer, and they will show you what your options are.

Finding Cards That Offer Low Interest Rates

Finding cards that offer low interest rates are fairly simple, but you must search for sites that aggregate all these cards together for comparison. You must look into the cards that you believe are best for your needs. You could choose something that will help you save money, or you could choose a card that offers you rewards. You might choose a specific rewards card, or you could choose a card that is specific to a store that you love.

Merchant Discounts

You must know what to look out for when using these cards, and you might discover that certain cards have merchant partners who offer discounts. You could shop at those merchants because they help you save money, and you get a discount every time you go in the store. You might also get special deals through the store because they sell at better prices. You could come in for special events, and you could use the card at all these events.

Special Interest Rates

You need to know what to look out for when using these cards, and you might be on a hunt for special interest rates for special purchases. You could get a low interest rate because the card was designed for large purchases, or you could use the card for travel and accommodations. Someone who wants to make these special purchases get an interest rate that lasts for a certain amount of time and that interest rate will change when the promo period is over.

Where Do You Apply?

You could apply for these cards online at any time, or you might call the company for assistance with your application. You might ask them to help with choosing the card or interest rate that you need, and they can get the application to go through instantly. You also need to see if you can talk to the company about the length of promotional rates because they might extend those rates if you want. This is the best time for you to check on these things because they cannot be changed in most cases after the account is approved.

Image result for how long do keep a credit cards illustrationsHow Long Should You Keep The Card?

The card that you are holding onto should be kept for long periods of time so that you can establish better credit. The purpose of the card is to make your credit look great, and you cannot do that if you have held onto the card. The card will give you a chance to make emergency purchases, and you could purchase something through the card that offers a nice discount. These are simple things to handle, and you will notice that you could step up from one card to the next while building your credit. You can use the cards for emergencies, and they will give you a chance to save money on promotional rates that might be new to you.

Customer Care

Customer care through these cards is important because you need to feel comfortable calling the company for help. You must know that they will do something for you that is helpful, and you might ask the company to set up purchases for you. You could ask them to arrange travel, or they could purchase a ticket for you. You might also want to be informed of any special tickets that you might by through the card. The card will treat you like family, and they will keep you abreast of any special programs that are happening. You might also call the customer care team for simple things like payments or changes to your interest rate.

Who Carries The Card?

You should choose the card that you think is best for you because you might have a preference between companies like Visa and MasterCard. Look at the offerings that they have, and remember that you can change the way you purchase because certain carriers offer certain programs.


There are many options for you when you want a card that offers a much lower interest rate. You will see a change in your finances, and you can use your cards to make special purchases that could not have been made before. All these things work together to change the way that you handle your money. You save money in stores, and you might get promotional interest rates.