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Easy Approval Credit Cards Offering Quick Approvals With Bad Credit – Credit Cards to Help You Rebuild Credit

For people that have bad credit, but need and/or want a credit card, they may wonder if the card offers that they get are legitimate. They will want to know which credit offers are real and have higher approval odds. Before you or anyone else that you know applies for one of these cards you all need to know what these cards are about.

They may seem like the answer to your bad credit or poor credit problems, but all of them have some requirements that you have to meet prior to you getting one of their cards. The good news is that their requirements are not very strict. Typically, you just need a checking account and an income that is more than a certain amount and that is all you need to put in an application. They also have requirements for credit scores and they vary by card as well. Getting an unsecured credit card is one way to get new credit or rebuild your credit score.

Credit Cards To Get You Approved And Rebuild Your CreditImage result for poor credit credit cards illustrations

Consumers primary way of making purchases is via credit cards. It’s a convenient way to keep you from carrying a lot of cash and it gives you the flexibility of building your credit. Huge discounts and other perks come from having some of these cards. Some people may be concerned about not getting approved for a card because their credit may not be that good if they have any credit at all! Credit scores mostly depend on the card you receive and the perks that come with it. There are some easy approval credit cards designed to get you back on track and allow you to live a life where credit is no longer a problem.

Poor Credit

For those with not so good credit or no credit at all, the level of anxiety can rise according to what you’re trying to do. APRs, annual fees and other terms can get lengthy and expensive but have no worries- the perfect card is out there for you! The APR or annual percentage rate is what a financial institution will charge for borrowing for an investment during the term of a loan. Consumers are actually loaning money from the credit card company or bank in order to make purchases to be paid back in a timely fashion. So with most beginners, an APR can be a little bit higher than normal but with responsible usage, it can come down.

Best Options for Quick Approvals

If you get an unsecured credit card, you do not have to pay a security deposit and it is a true line of credit from the company that issues the credit. Choosing to apply for an unsecured credit card would ensure higher approval odds than if you applied for a secured credit card. The downside of unsecured credit cards when compared to secured credit cards, is that these unsecured credit cards typically have higher interest rates. Unsecured credit cards are usually guaranteed approval and a smart option for someone trying to crawl out of debt. By using an unsecured credit card each month you could steadily increase your credit and qualify for a secured card later on when your credit score improves.

Primor Secured Visa Classic Credit CardImage result for Primor Secured Visa Classic Credit Card

  • A Primor Secured Visa Classic Card have available credit lines that range from $200 to $5,000.
  • It also has a low fixed interest rate of 13.99 percent.
  • You also do not have to have a minimum credit score as they want people to put in an application no matter what their credit score is.
  • They also do not charge an application fee or a processing fee so you can get an easy approval.
  • If you are responsible for this credit card, you can strengthen your credit as this card company reports to all three of the credit bureaus.
  • Their application process is fast and simple.
  • All you need to do is select your line of credit and open your personal savings deposit account to secure your line and you can get an instant approval.

Green Dot primor Mastercard GoldImage result for Green Dot primor Mastercard Gold and Green Dot Primor Visa Gold

Other easy approval credit cards are Green Dot primor Mastercard Gold. How often do these cards report to the credit bureaus definitely depends on how good you are at using them and paying your credit card bills on time each month. They report to all three national bureaus and both credit cards come with a secured credit line. Will these cards help improve credit scores? Because they continue to report to all 3 three bureaus, you can easily keep up with how well you’re doing with your spending. With no minimum credit score required and a credit line of up to $5000 provided, all are encouraged to apply.

Opensky Secured Visa Credit Card

  • Opensky is one of the secured credit cards available for people that need to build or rebuild credit.
  • The application process is worry-free and it is okay if you have poor credit or bad credit because a credit check is not part of applying for this card.
  • You also can control your finances because your credit limit is determined by the amount of security deposit that you make (though that is subject to approval).
  • You can establish good credit in a timely manner because they report to all three of the credit bureaus.
  • This card is also cost-effective because it has a low annual percentage rate, a low annual fee, and no application.
  • You can also apply online (online only) any time of the day or night, whenever you are ready.

The next card we going to discuss with you is the First Progress Platinum Elite Mastercard Secured Credit Card.

First Progress Platinum Elite Mastercard Secured Credit Card

  • It is easy to get easy approval or instant approval with this card because you can apply online.
  • The rates are good as well as the annual fee is only $29 and the purchase annual percentage rate is 19.99 %, which is better than a lot of unsecured credit cards.
  • You also do not have to have a minimum credit score as they want people to apply no matter what their credit score is.
  • You can also rent cars and hotel rooms with this card and use it wherever credit cards are accepted.
  • It is easy to build or rebuild credit because they report to all three of the credit bureaus.
  • Your $200-$2000 deposit that comes with your application is fully refundable at any time.
  • To get your deposit back, all you have to do is pay off your balance.
  • You also can also your account anytime, day or night.

The last card that we are covering is easy to qualify for with bad credit is the Credit One Bank Platinum Visa.

Credit One Bank Platinum VisaImage result for Credit One Bank Platinum Visa

  • This card gives credit to people that a risky credit history.
  • The minimum credit level is $300 and they take your $75 annual fee out of your credit balance.
  • Some accounts get the annual fee broken up over twelve months.
  • They charge $19 to add an authorized user to your account.
  • Your annual percentage and interest rate depends on your credit rating.
  • If you need a cash advance, the annual percentage rate is higher for that.

These secured or unsecured cards are a good way to build or rebuild your credit whenever you may have a credit issue. They are ready to help you with your credit woes so you can have good credit again or build new credit and make your bad or nonexistent credit history a thing of the past.

Deserve MasterCardImage result for Deserve MasterCard

Deserve MasterCard will give someone without any credit plenty of help. Will these cards help improve credit scores? How often do these cards report to the credit bureaus? Yes, it will improve your score and it will not be reported much as one may think. Deserve requires no deposit, no co-signer and you receive the same benefits are other MasterCard holders.

Image result for First Latitude Platinum Mastercard Secured Credit CardFirst Latitude Platinum Mastercard Secured Credit Card

First Latitude Platinum Mastercard Secured Credit Card is one of the many easy approval credit cards that will help build your credit without high fees. Although credit history is needed to receive this card, don’t let that keep you from applying. W often do these cards report to the credit bureaus are not made clear but it does report to all three of them. It is a great card to rent vehicles and more with a line of credit of up to $2000 that requires a refundable deposit. With no annual fees, this card gives you perks the moment you fill out the quick and painless application!

Keep In Mind

When choosing a credit card to reestablish your creditor to get started for the first time, it is imperative to do your research and choose what is best for you. There are several cards on the market that offers so much just for signing up and give you more perks when you make purchases on a daily basis. Monitor your credit and feel proud of the decisions you have made when you make purchases. You know what you’re wanting from a credit card to be responsible and get what will keep your line of credit on the positive side.